We are pleased to announce that, at the request of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the State Treasury has approved an Exit Number Code (CAE) for the permanent grant of Free Theaters (AOA: OOPLI-NSAA). This means, in practice, that a sum of money, the amount of which will be determined each year, and which will be available exclusively for free theater, will be recorded annually.

Referring to the relevant:

In the code of revenue and expenditure of the state budget (Circular No. 2/50418/0020 / 17.9.2002) as in force, we make the following changes: A. The following Exit Number Code (CEA) is entered as follows: 2534 “Free Theater Grant”.

It was a chronic demand from the theatrical world and we greatly appreciate the fact that the Minister of Culture has succeeded.

The president

Emilia Ipsilanti

The Secretary

Roubini Moschochoriti



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